Be for You, Be for Me is the ending theme song for the anime OVA Love Hina Again. The song has three varying renditions, sung by different seiyuu, that appear at the end of each "episode" of the OVA.

Composed and written by Ito Chinatsu the song is a proclaimation of love toward a special someone. The song goes for 1:00 and is featured in the Love Hina Again Soundtrack album.


Seiyuus: Horie Yui

Love Hina Again ED (Naru)01:00

Love Hina Again ED (Naru)

Seiyuus: Natsuko Kuwatani

Love Hina Again ED (Kanako)01:00

Love Hina Again ED (Kanako)

Seiyuus: Horie Yui and Yuji Ueda

Love Hina Again ED (Naru & Keitaro)01:01

Love Hina Again ED (Naru & Keitaro)


Original / Romaji Lyrics

KARAKARA kawaiteru mune no naka
huto tachitomari ki ga tsuita kara
dare mo ga isoideru machi no naka
sukoshi yukkuri aruite mita
koe ni dasanai negai anata to nara kanaetai yo
tokidoki nakitaku naru to(me) o tozite koo omou no try
dakedo anata ga iru ai o motomete iru
donna toki mo kokoro wa aru yo soba ni
dakara watashi ga iru ai o sagashite iru
hutari nara yasashii NAMIDA ni kawaru
yume wa kitto kanau

doko ni itatte nani o shite tatte
anata no koto kangaete iru
kyoo no kono aoi sora kiritotte
hutari no kinenbi no iro ni siyoo
koe ni naranai inori kono mama itsu made mo itai to
hukaku ai suru hodo ni hito wa tsuyoku naru setsunaku naru why
koko ni anata ga iru ai o motomete iru
towa ni tsuzuku hutari dake no kiseki
soshite watashi ga iru ai o sagashite iru
owaranai mirai o issyo ni hutari
kore kara arukidasu

zutto anata ga iru ai o motomete iru
watashi dake no dare da wa anata nan da
soko ni watashi ga iru ai o sagashite iru
arihureta issyo ni ga kirameku no wa
hutari da kara koso

English Translation

In my heart that's dried up and thirsting;
I took notice of it and suddently stopped in my tracks.
In the street where everyone is busy,
I tried to walk a little more slowly.
It's a wish I won't vocalize (but) as long as it's with you, I want it to come true.
Sometimes I feel like I want to cry. I'll close my eyes and think of "try."
However, you're here. I'm asking for love.
Whatever the time, my heart is here, with you.
Therefore, I'm here. I'm looking for love.
As long as it's the two of us, it'll change into gentle tears.
The dream will certainly come true.

(No matter) where you are and what you're doing,
I'm thinking about you.
I'm taking this blue sky of today and
making it the color of our special day.
It's a prayer that won't become vocalized (but) I want to always be like this.
Until it makes failed love, people become stronger, become more oppressive. Why?
I'm right here. I'm asking for love.
A miracle that belongs to only us, which lasts eternally.
And then so, I'm here. I'm looking for love.
Towards a neverending future, we two will
start walking together from here.

You will be here forever. Wishing for love.
The somebody for only me is you.
I'm over there. I'm looking for love.
It's on surprise that the ones shining together
are the two of us.


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