Hina Urashima
浦島 ひなた
Urashima Hinata
Aliases "Hina", Grandma Hina
Age 65 (Chapter 1)
Birth Date 1934
Occupation Landlord
Affiliations Hinata House
Publication Information
Anime #1: All-girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath: Hot Spring
Seiyū Masako Nozawa

Hinata “Hina” Urashima (浦島 ひなた Urashima Hinata), also known as Grandma Hina, is the grandmother of Haruka, Kanako and Keitaro Urashima. She was originally the landlord and manager of the Hinata Inn, passing the inheritance on to Keitaro.

In the manga, Grandma Hina knew all along that Naru was the girl Keitaro promised to go to Tokyo U with. She also knew the location of the Liddo-Kun shaped time capsule Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi buried beneath the sandbox when they were children.


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Born in 1934 to Keisuke Urashima, Hina presumably inherited the Hinata Inn from her father.
Hina had two known children, both married however one, Yoko Urashima, was killed along with her partner. Hina adopted their child, her grandchild, Haruka Urashima, to live with her at the Hinata Inn.

Possessing an adventurous spirit, Hina ran the Inn alongside members of the Otohime Family until her decision to turn it into an all-girls’ dormitory; entrusting the running of the dorms to Haruka and embarking on a world-wide tour of adventure accompanied by her grandchild Kanako Urashima; teaching her the Urashima Style of Jujutsu during their travels.
Sending faxes to Haruka every once and a while, she sent the Real Estate Deed of the complex to Keitaro after learning of his arrival there.

Following Keitaro’s leave to study in America, Hina sent Kanako as temporary manager in Keitaro’s absence. Eventually, Hina herself returned to the dormitory to officially pass the property rights to Keitaro and his fiancé.

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  • While in the manga, Hina had left for her world-wide tour a year before Keitaro had arrived at the Hinata House, in the anime she had specifically invited Keitaro to stay at the dormitory before leaving for her holiday moments later.
  • Hina collected occult trinkets as a hobby
  • Hina used to be the town beauty, attracting costumers to the Inn sheerly by her appearance.
  • Hina's seiyu is Masako Nozawa, who has also dubbed Son Goku, from the series Dragon Ball.
  • Grandma Hina has two bodyguards that are always traveling with her.

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