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Liddo's Adventure (RIDDO-kun no Daibouken) is a vocal compilation associated with Liddo-kun and sung by seiyuu, Noda Junko.


Original / Romaji Lyrics

saa ikou, saa ikou minna issho ni booken da
ganbaru DEE ganbaru DEE oounanbara e ganbaru DEE
bokura no hune o ooki na nami ga nomikomisoo ni natta toki mo
oyoide datte akiramenai
yume to yuuki motteru yo
saa, ikou saa, ikou kyou mo issho ni bouken da

motto ikou motto ikou minna issho ni bouken da
megenai DEE megenai DEE ashita mezashi megenai DEE
bokura no kokoro tsuyoi kaze ga hukiartatte mishinawanai
te to te o totte mukatte yukoo
yume to yuuki wasurenai
saa, ikou saa, ikou zutto issho ni bouken da

English Translation

Let's go. Everybody, let's go to the adventure.
I'll try my best. I'll try my best.
Even if the big wave was about to engulf our boat,
I'll swim and never give up.
So, let's go.
Today, let's go to the adventure together.

Let's go further. Everybody, let's go further to the adventure.
Don't feel depressed. Don't feel depressed. Look forward and let's go.
The strong wind is always supporting our dreams.
Hold our hands together and let's go.
And don't forget your bravery and dreams.
So, let's go. Let's go to the adventure together forever.


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