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Love Hina Okazaki Collection
Catalog #
Composer(s) Okazaki Ritsuko
Arranger(s) Okazaki Ritsuko
Producer(s) King Records
Publisher Geneon Entertainment
CD Info 1 CD - 10 tracks
Length 41:43
Release date 16/12/2001

The Love Hina Okazaki Collection is an album of soundtracks composed by Ritsuko Okazaki.


1. Because It's Spring! (3:38)
2. The Beginning Starts Now (3:25)
3. Friendship (5:30)
4. koyoi no tsuki ni sasowarete (4:31)
5. Cherry Blossoms Blooming (3:12)
6. If Only You're With Me (4:40)
7. How Wonderful! (5:14)
8. Blessing (3:30)
9. As Long As It Takes, Wherever It Is (3:45)
10. Merry Christmas to You (4:18)

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