Love Hina Original Sound File
Catalog # KICA-523/4
Composer(s) Koichi Korenaga
Publisher King Records
CD Info
Release date September 21, 2000

The Love Hina Original Sound File (オリジナルサウンドファイル) was released by King Records on September 21, 2000.
The album spent two weeks on the Oricon charts, reaching position 34.

The Liner notes contain lyrics for the vocal tracks and a list of all the vocal songs recorded for the series and the dates they were recorded. On the First cd, Tracks 1 to 17 are known as "The First term ~ The Daily life Section" (1−学期〜日常編〜, 1-gakki ~nichijou hen~), Tracks 18 to 31 are known as "The Second term ~ The Mental State Section" (2−学期〜心理編〜, 2-gakki ~shinri hen~), and Tracks 32 to 45 are known as "The Third term ~ The Theme Section"' (3−学期〜テーマ編〜, 3-gakki ~teema hen~).
The second CD is split into two parts, "Symphonic Part" and the "Vocal Part". Track 25 on the second CD is a Bonus track.

All music composed by Koichi Korenaga


Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. Hinata Inn (ひなた荘 Hinata-sou) 3:03
2. Usual Daily Life" (いつもの日常 Itsumo no nichijoi) 1:42
3. The World of Wild Fancies No.1 - Marriage" (妄想の世界 その1-結婚 Mousou no sekai sono 1 - Kekkon) 1:26
4. Chase <--> Escape" (追跡⇔逃走 Tsuiseki <--> Tousou) 3:32
5. The White Steam Bridge" (湯煙橋 Yukemuri-bashi) 1:13
6. Hustle" (ハッスル) 0:35
7. Always be Cheerful" (いつも元気で Itsumo genki de) 1:26
8. The World of Wild Fancies No.2 - Sasaki Seminar" (妄想の世界 その2-佐々木ゼミナール Mousou no sekai sono 2 - Sasaki Seminar) 0:34
9. Afternoon" (午後 Gogo) 2:25
10. Beautiful Sunset" (夕焼け Yuuyake) 1:14
11. A Suspicious Action" (怪しい行動 Ayashii koudou) 1:26
12. Showdown" (対決 Taiketsu) 2:49
13. The Outdoor Bath" (露天風呂 Roten-buro) 0:51
14. The World of Wild Fancies No.3 - Admitted to Tokyo University" (妄想の世界 その3-東大合格 Mousou no sekai sono 3 - toudai goukaku) 0:59
15. Mischief" (悪戯 Itazura) 1:38
16. Mufufu" (ムフフ) 1:05
17. And Hinata Inn as Usual" (そしていつものひなた荘 Shoshite itsumo no Hinata-sou) 1:16
18. Warmth" (ぬくもり Nukumori) 1:37
19. Turning Point" (岐路 Kiro) 0:58
20. Twilight" (黄昏 Tasogare) 0:38
21. Dead Leaves" (枯葉 Kareha) 1:10
22. Anxiety" (不安 Fuan) 1:01
23. Plot" ( 画策 Kakusaku) 1:41
24. Jealousy" (嫉妬 Shitto) 1:07
25. You Mean Love!?" (恋だと!? Koi dato!?) 1:20
26. Hesitation" (迷い Mayoi) 2:06
27. Broken Heart" (失恋 Shitsuren) 0:45
28. Silence" (静寂 Seijaku) 2:17
29. Childhood Days" (幼い日々 Osanai Hibi) 2:06
30. The Starry Sky" (星空 Hoshizora) 1:11
31. Determination" (決意 Ketsui) 1:15
32. Tama's Theme" (タマのテーマ Tama no teema) 1:07
33. Theme of the Senior Citizens Club" (老人会のテーマ Roujin-kai no teema) 0:45
34. Kaolla Mecha" (カオラ メカ) 0:50
35. The Country-wide Hunt" (全国探索 Zenkoku tansaku) 0:49
36. A Date in a Theme Park" (遊園地デート Yuuenchi date) 0:56
37. Subtitle" (サブタイトル) 0:09
38. Eyecatch" (アイキャッチ) 0:12
39. The Season for Graduation" (卒業の季節 Sotsugyou no kisetsu) 1:09
40. Game of the Legend of the Sea God's Palace" (竜宮城伝説ゲーム Ryuuguu densetsu Game) 2:07
41. The Prehistoric Remains Expedition" (遺跡発掘調査隊 Iseki hakkutsu chosatai) 2:25
42. Showdown!? The Evil Bull King" (対決!?牛魔王 Taiketsu!? Gyuumaou) 2:07
43. A Journey to the West" At the Beach Restaurant" (浜茶屋で西遊記 Hamajaya de saiyuuki) 1:51
44. Theme of Ranba" (ランバのテーマ Ranba no teema) 4:55
45. Theme of Moe" (モエのテーマ Moe no teema) 1:55


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