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Nyamo's Song (Nyamo no Uta) is a vocal compilation performed by seiyuu Nana Mizuki.


Original VerEdit

Love Hina - Spring Special OST - Theme 16 (Nyamo-chan no Uta ~ Love & Peace version)03:15

Love Hina - Spring Special OST - Theme 16 (Nyamo-chan no Uta ~ Love & Peace version)

Original / Romaji Lyrics

seinaru daichi ga haha naru hikari ga
sokoshirenu ai o hakobikomu kaze ga
subete no kanashimi subete no kurushimi
subete no tamashii ookiku dakarete
kikoenai koe de mienai egao de
unadareta kuuki o chikara o kureru no

mitsukeyou shinjiyou
sono saki no kiseki e to

amagumo ga kureta inochi no minamoto
tsuyoi kaze fukare takumashiku sakasu
karen na hanabira dareka o sukutte
sono utsukushisa de dareka o sukutte
seinaru daichi ni haha naru hikari ni
sazukatta ai o tsutaete yuku deshou

English Translation

The great holy land, mother nature's light,
the wind that blows in the bottomless love,
all the sorrows, all the pain
all the spirits they carry them all
with the voice that can't be heard, with the smile
that can't be seen,
the droopy emptiness... receive strength from them

I'll find it I'll believe
For that next miracle

The rain clouds give the origin of life
The wind blows strongly and makes it bloom firmly
A pretty petal, come rescues someone
With that loveliness, it come rescues someone
I will tell of the love that I received
to the great holy land, mother nature's light

"La La La" VerEdit

Love Hina - Spring Special OST - Theme 13 (Nyamo-chan no UTA ~ LA LA LA version)03:07

Love Hina - Spring Special OST - Theme 13 (Nyamo-chan no UTA ~ LA LA LA version)


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