The Otohime Family is a slightly eccentric Japanese family-line in Love Hina, noted for living in Okinawa and possessing ownership of a hotel on the island.
With the family descending from the Urashima Family line, Natsumi Otohime worked at the Hinata Inn for a period of time under Hina Urashima before moving to Okinawa to run her own, family-run, holiday lodge with "Uncle" (Natsumi's brother-in-law). Her daughter, Mutsumi Otohime, moved with her; years later returning to join her childhood friends, Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa, in attempting to study at Tokyo University.
During her daughter’s attempts, Natsumi mothered seven other children, all of which stay with her on Okinawa.

Natsumi's first daughter was Mutsumi Otohime, her second daughter, Chinami Otohime, did not appear in the manga due to being at school overseas. Natsumi's third child, Nanami Otohime, has her hair bundled on both sides and "Jito" (scornful) eyes while Tamami Otohime, the fourth child, is a 5th-grade tomboy. Natsumi's fifth child was a son called Tsukumo Otohime, a 4th-grader notable for his blonde hair and pale skin. Natsumi then had twin daughters, Akari and Kagari Otohime, and finally, Natsumi's eighth child, Pokari Otohime, is notable for always being asleep.
Natsumi's eldest son, Tsukumo Otohime, is constantly seen with his blond friend, Alfred.

Otohime Family Tree

Otohime Family members appearing in Love Hina



  • The Otohime Family are close relations to the Urashima Family whose members own various enterprises in Japan, including the Hinata Inn.
  • Akamatsu actually forgot what Nanami's hair was supposed to be like and as a result somewhere mid-story her hair changed into the same style as Tamami's.
  • It is noted in the concept notes that the younger the girls are, the curlier their "hair antenna" become.

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