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Stop! Stop! (DAME DAME!!) is a vocal compilation sung by seiyuu Hayashibara Megumi.


Sarah McDougal - Dame Dame!03:42

Sarah McDougal - Dame Dame!

Original / Romaji Lyrics

DAN DAN otona ni HAMATTERU kodomotachi ni wa
Akirechau yo ne
GAN GAN iwarerya kyoku gatteru yo no naka mo
Maji ni mietekuru
Sekai wa doko ni aru?
Acchi kocchi wo sagashite mo
Mitsukaranai Happiness
Samishiku nareba
Dare ka ni amaete mitaku naru toki mo arukeredo

DAN DAN otona ni somatteru kodomotachi
Motto, ganbarou!

DAN DAN katachi ni HAMATTERU otonatachi wa ne
Jiyuu ja nai ne
Sanzan usotsuki ni natteru FEMINISUTO
Maji ni tanoshii no?
Nani mo ka mo kowashichae
Acchi kocchi wo sawagaseba
Himatsubushi no Happiness
Konna chiccha na akubi tane ne te bakari irarenai yo, mirai wa
Sugu soko!!

Zenzen dare ka ni somattenai otona e to
Motto, ganbarou!

Samishiku nare ba dare ka ni amaete mitakunaru toki mo aru keredo
DAN DAN otona ni somatteru kodomotatsu
Motto, ganbarou!

English Translation

Children are being mistaken by adults; gradually
I'm so shocked!
I'll change. If I'm told not to be so loud
it will really come into view, even in this world,
Where in the world can it be found?
I look everywhere, even then
Happines.. I can't find it..
If I become lonely,
There are times when I seem to act spoiled, but..

Children are viewed as adults, gradually
Let's give it our best!

I get mistaken for my size, gradually. As adults, right?
That's not freedom, am I right?
They're all such terrible liars. Such feminists.
Is it all so fun?
Everything might come to an end
If I make some noise everywhere,
Happiness... it's meaningless...
This type of joke, I can't be that, even only once!
Just around the corner, the future is lurking.

I'll never be viewed as only a sombody, foarward to adulthood,
Let's give it our best!

If we become lonely,
There are times when we seem to act spoiled, but..
Children are viewed as adults, gradually
Let's give it our best!


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